snowrandyA convenience store client, with 83 locations throughout New England, was looking for a guest speaker for an awards banquet they were holding for 400 employees. They initially contacted Speakers Platform by email. The client expressed an interest in speaker Randy Snow (pictured at right) as they were doing an Olympic Theme for the event: “Goin’ for the Gold.”

Budget and the event details were discussed in depth by phone. Although almost certain that they were going to go with Randy, the client asked for additional speaker recommendations from their Speakers Platform agent. David Miln Smith, Barb Bartlein, and Mark Therrien, all excellent motivational speakers, were also suggested as possible keynoters. Videos and printed materials were sent out on all speakers by DHL express shipping. The speakers were contacted to confirm availability and pricing.

The client reviewed the informational materials and videos, and ultimately decided to go with Randy Snow — he was the perfect fit for their Olympic theme. His customized topic was “Compete, Don’t Compare.” A contract detailing the terms of the agreement, cancellation clauses and event details were sent to both the client and Randy. Randy Snow is the only athlete in history to compete in three different Paralympic Games in three different sports and win medals in each sport. Because of achievements, Randy received the Paralympic torch from President Clinton in Washington for the Atlanta Paralympic Games in 1996. He has excited audiences across the country with the stories of his devastating accident, recovery, and determination to “compete with ourselves.” His electrifying presentation leaves audiences stimulated and touches every individual with renewed energy to soar to their individual goals.

The Speakers Platform account agent handled all logistical details and special requests, including obtaining accomplishment sheets to be placed on each table at the Awards Ceremony for audience members to familiarize themselves with Randy’s inspiring life.

The event day came, and Randy was extremely well-received by the audience. According to Tom Hart, Chief Operating Offficer of the client company, “Randy was great. Highest rated speaker ever.”

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