freedmanharrySpeakers Platform was contacted by the Vice President of Global Accounts for one of the largest Wireless carriers in the world. The client company was a newly formed brand created from a merger and had just launched a large advertising kickoff campaign in conjunction with the Super Bowl.

They were organizing a huge initial company meeting in early March and were originally looking for an astronaut to compliment their Apollo theme. After discussing their needs in greater detail with their Speakers Platform agent, they decided they wanted someone who would simply be motivational, inspirational, unforgettable and humorous. Their agent suggested looking at Harry Freedman (pictured at right), the nation’s leading expert who could impersonate anyone they wanted – even their new CEO!

The client was intrigued by the idea, so the agent sent the client Harry’s video along with a few other candidates. They decided to book Harry on the spot, had him pose as their new CEO and had an absolute ball with the event. Harry created one of his completely custom presentations, they came up with a hilariously impressive biography for their new CEO that had the audience gasping… that is until about ten minutes into the speech when they began to catch on and everyone was in on the joke!

The client had rave reviews for Harry and how he contributed to the fun and positive beginning for their newly formed Wireless unit.

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