boonemaryA Program Manager for the US Department of Labor contacted Speakers Platform looking for an expert speaker to address approximately 250 nontechnical federal executives from fourteen different agencies on the topic of technology and its impact on government workers and leadership. The speaker needed to be an authority on technology but also illustrate technologies effect on leadership principles.

The Program Manager had identified six speakers she was interested in reviewing while browsing the Speakers Platform / Web site. Her Speakers Platform agent interviewed each of the six speakers from which three became candidates based on the event needs. Promotional materials and videos for the three speakers were sent overnight to the client.

Upon review, the client decided that she was primarily interested in one of the candidates. A conference call was scheduled between that speaker and the client and references from other government agencies the speaker had presented for were provided. Following the conference call and reference checks a date was settled upon and the event was booked.

Mary Boone (pictured at right), an expert on Leadership and Technology, gave an excellent 3-hour presentation entitled, “Managing Interactively”. Following the presentation Mary graciously signed copies of her recently published book, Managing Interactively. The event was a tremendous success and the meeting planner commented that the event generated so much positive feedback that they were going to make the event an annual occurrence.

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