doanetomA local County School District needed customer service training for their administrators. One group would be building level principals, and the other group would be central office administrators. The specific topics they wanted someone to cover included:

  • Making time for people and helping them feel that their complaint is important. Not undermining complaints with body language or other messages that say “I’d rather be any place but here.”
  • Creating a service oriented leadership.
  • Establishing a relationship with students and parents and being able to utilize this stronger relationship when a student gets into trouble or has a problem.
  • Customer service as a “hidden curriculum” within our schools.
  • Ignoring titles or positions – not having a “power trip” when dealing with others by ordering instead of by consensus.
  • The importance of returning phone calls and making appointments so that problems are resolved.
  • Understanding that good or bad customer service can make or break someone’s day.
  • Coaching secretaries and other front office people on greeting guests who arrive. Many parents are intimidated by having to come to their child’s school. Bad customer service during one visit can prevent a parent from participating fully in his/her child’s education.

Using the above topics as an outline and the requirement that the speaker be someone local, Speakers Platform was able to locate Tom Doane. Tom is an excellent customer service trainer who has worked with school administrators and was within driving distance of the client.

Tom gave a fully customized, one day customer service training that met all the clients specific topic requirements and more! The client was very pleased and are now considering bringing Tom back for general office staff training.

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