A Los Angeles County Employee Association(LACERA) contacted Speakers Platform to find a motivational speaker for their annual staff meeting. The meeting would include a review of the previous years goals, progress and remaining tasks. The audience would consist of 300 staff members from all levels. The event itself spanned a full day — split into morning and afternoon sessions.
The speaker needed to be upbeat, motivational, humorous, interesting and relevant to a multicultural organization. LACERA originally wanted to review speakers who specialize in strictly motivational content and were interested in Barbara Bartlein and Fran Solomon after reading their information on the Web site.

schwartauwinnTheir Speakers Platform agent suggested reviewing two additional speakers and sent videos on all four for review. While LACERA was finalizing their meeting and the goals they wanted to achieve, they decided that in addition to being motivational the speaker would also need to address the importance of information security in today’s world. This focus was particularly important given the nature of the information they handle – people’s retirement accounts.

Their Speakers Platform agent did extensive research and speaker interviews to find the right mix of motivation and information security content. After interviewing dozens of technology and motivational speakers the agent pared down the list to three of the best. After reviewing the three videos and press kits, LACERA selected Winn Schwartau (pictured at right). Winn is an animated, exciting motivational speaker who also has expertise in information management and security.

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