The nation’s leading provider of integrated anatomic pathology services to physicians, hospitals, managed care organizations and national clinical laboratories contacted Speakers Platform by email looking for a speaker for their National Sales Meeting. The meeting was for approximately 60 of their sales, marketing and management employees.

The theme of their meeting was “Reaching the Summit.” The client expressed an interest in speaker Dr. Beck Weathers who had been recommended to them as an excellent speaker. Budget and event details were discussed in depth with a senior Speakers Platform agent. However, the client did not have the necessary budget to cover Dr. Weathers’ fees.

smithdavidThe client wanted a speaker who could address their featured topic, be motivational to their sales force and affordable for their small group. Their Speakers Platform agent suggested a number of speakers including Brian O’Malley, Stacy Allison, Sharon Wood and David Miln Smith (pictured at right). Videos and information for each speaker were sent to the client by express DHL.

The client had the opportunity to review the speakers’ materials and make an educated decision according to their needs. Even though the speakers suggested were all excellent options, the speaker that was finally booked for their National Sales Meeting was David Miln Smith, who offered them exactly what they needed at an affordable price.

David Miln Smith is a motivator and team building expert. King of the Risk Takers, David believes that life is not a spectator sport. A master storyteller, he speaks from a vast variety of personal adventurous experiences to entertain, teach, motivate, inspire … leaving his audiences revved up, prepared with skill building tactics for handling risk and excited to meet their challenges with courage and confidence.

The client commented that David Miln Smith was incredible and the event participants rated the meeting as one of the best ever!

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