One of the Nation’s leading credit card companies called Speakers Platform wanting speakers for a leadership event. They needed 3 speakers to do 2 presentations each, within a tight budget. So, all three speakers needed to reside within the event location’s state and negotiations needed to be discussed.

Their agent tracked down and located three ideal candidates: Nikki Stone, Mike Schlappi and Henry Marsh. The event was cancelled for over a year, but their Speakers Platform agent periodically kept the client updated on the speakers’ availability; and once the client was able to hold their event, facilitated a smooth booking process. After the event, the client commented:

“Our event was what I would call ‘over the top’… The survey results were at 92% very favorable. The speakers formed such a good relationship with myself and others at the conference. I am confident we will bring them back to do more. I will contact you when we are in need of additional services.”


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