“So there I was…” From the top of Everest, to the deepest ocean abyss, to the most remote reaches of our planet, our Adventure speakers have been there, done that, and, more importantly,¬ lived to tell about it.

That’s an important distinction. Unlike so many of today’s reckless, selfie-uploading thrill-seekers, our Adventure Speakers possess a clarity of purpose; an uncommon blend of carpe diem, coupled with a predisposition for the extreme and tempered with a clear vision of the larger picture.

Sure, they’ve taken the risks, pushed the limits and emerged unscathed… but not always. They’ve also suffered the consequences, losses and setbacks, but utilizing their insight and larger than life perspective, they articulate them as lessons gained, to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and obstacles, ultimately allowing them to achieve what others only dream.

Our Adventure Speakers are not only experts at motivation, inspiration, team¬-building and overcoming adversity, they’ll take you to the edge and back… and guarantee you’ll live to tell about it.