Astronauts have been where few people have been before. They are a unique breed of speaker that can captivate your audience’s attention with stories of heroism and reaching humankind’s highest heights. Astronaut speakers offer some of the most inspiring presentations and are appropriate for all audiences. People from all walks of life – age, gender, and professional background – can relate to their fascinating and universal stories from space.

Astronauts are also uniquely prepared to offer leadership and team-building lessons they’ve learned from working with some of the most highly trained scientific teams in the world. Unlike academics or even CEO’s, they will often have a more global and far reaching perspective on leadership and how effective leadership can help us reach common goals, especially under extreme circumstances.

Another popular topic Astronauts can address in their presentations is how to embrace and cultivate a culture of innovation. Astronauts lives depend on the latest technologies and innovative concepts – many household items today (from LEDs to memory foam) sprang from NASA labs.

Some of our most popular Astronaut speakers are: Mike Mullane, Harrison H. Schmitt, Roberta Bondar and Alan Bean.