Branding is crucial for building and sustaining every type of organization, from large multi-national businesses to small non-profits. Our branding speakers give organizations the tools to not only get consumers to choose their organization’s products or services over the competition, but to also have prospects and customers view them as the leading choice in their space.

In this competitive world of battling brands – especially in the fast-paced era of social media – our speakers will help make sense of the complex world of messaging, brand consistency and keeping abreast of new marketing technologies. Branding is not about repeating the same message continuously; it is about communicating recognizable patterns. And, above all else, the core brand message needs to incorporate the targeted needs of customers, clients and prospects.

Our branding speakers offer programs ranging from personal branding (Robin Fisher Roffer, Kaplan Mobray, Keith Ferrazzi and Catherine Kaputa)to social good messaging (Simon Mainwaring). Most speakers will want to schedule a pre-event conference call with the event planning team to help customize the presentation. It will be important to have discussions around organizational needs, audience interests/challenges and the specific themes that should be addressed in the presentation.

A few of the world’s top branding speakers include Richard Branson, David Avrin, Daymond John and Sally Hogshead.