The benefits of using a celebrity to present at your event are to increase attendance, build cachet, drive media and PR hits and/or increase overall interest in the event. Usually celebrities are best for ticketed events, trade shows, customer appreciation events and public conferences. Most internal company events – such as leadership meetings – won’t really benefit from the content a celebrity speaker will provide. The content of a celebrity keynote will most likely be around topics the celebrity is interested in – a social cause or personal life stories. The program format will usually be a combination of a short speech (5-15 minutes), with the rest of the time being a moderated interview and/or Q&A session. Booking a celebrity speaker is usually a more involved process than booking other types of keynote speakers. There are many variables to consider, including providing a “glam team” for make-up and hair; needing to specifically detail every time commitment upfront; and any marketing materials you use featuring your celebrity will need to be approved before publication. Celebrity keynote fees start at around $25k and run up to the six figures for well-known names – plus first class travel for 1-2; occasionally a private jet is required. We have direct access to many of the world’s greatest celebrity speakers; and can help negotiate and navigate complicated rider, contracting, program, travel and scheduling issues.