Whenever you have a group of people with divergent backgrounds and interests working together, conflict is sure to arise. There is nothing wrong with minor conflict, and it can even be healthy – as long as it helps move relationships and ideas forward and dealt with properly. But allowing conflict to turn into a crisis, or festering resentment, can be a major problem. Our conflict management speakers can help your employees learn the tools and skills they need to avoid crises and keep the business on track toward success.
When a conflict arises within an organization it can divide those involved, or it can lead to greater dialogue and a resolution that could have wide-ranging benefits. Our conflict management experts will help your team develop best-practice communication skills which will help increase employee morale and the bottom line. Conflict management training is one of the best soft-skill tools you can provide team members.
Each of our speakers has extensive crisis management, communication and employee relations training. Many have advanced degrees in psychology, communications and/or management. Their programs address topics from listening skills to team building collaboration. Some of our favorite conflict management speakers include: Ron McMillan, Vicki Hess and Joseph Grenny.