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How We Can Help You Hire The Right Speaker At The Right Price

You will find valuable event planning and speaker booking resources below. Please let us know if you have any specific questions, we are happy to help. We are continually adding new speakers and valuable resources for meeting, convention and trade show planners. So, bookmark our site and visit us often!

Guides for Event Planners

How to Select the Perfect Keynote Speaker for your Event

More people than ever are on the speaking circuit – from retired politicians and best-selling authors to athletes and regular people with an extraordinary story to tell; all with varying backgrounds, topics, experience, fees and presentation styles. The famous TED talk series alone, for instance, highlights thousands of speakers from almost every background who are “spreading ideas”. Selecting the best keynote speaker for your event can be a bewildering task. How do you select the best keynote speaker for your event from the thousands of keynote speaker options?

Tips for Booking a Keynote Speaker

Once you have found the perfect keynote speaker for your event (see “How to Select the Best keynote Speaker” above), you are ready to engage him/her for your event date! These suggestions on contracting and preparing for your speaker’s visit, will help you negotiate a smooth booking and contracting process and, ultimately, will result in a successful event.

Booking a Celebrity Speaker

This article describes how to book a celebrity speaker and what to prepare for once a celebrity is secured for an event, including details such as: payment terms, contracting, a celebrity “glam team,” autograph sessions… and more.

Are you Promoting Effective Meetings?

We all attend meetings. Some are boring, ineffective and others are a pleasure to attend. Let’s commit to providing the latter to our colleagues and clients. Here are some tips that will have your meetings running smoother.

How to Benefit from Working with Speakers Bureaus

The bureau’s job is to know where and how to find the right speaker for your event, send you materials to review, schedule conference calls, contract the speaker and facilitate financial arrangements. Speaker bureaus smooth the process for securing talent for your event and charge you nothing while saving you enormous amounts of time. Since speaker bureaus get paid from the speakers fee, they receive compensation only when you book a speaker they suggest.

Selecting the Best Leadership Speaker for Your Event

This article will help you identify the correct mix of content and type of leadership speaker that would be the best fit for any event and theme.

Further Resources for Event Planners

Google Meeting & Event Professionals Forum

This is a growing community of corporate and association event professionals, independent meeting planners, speakers and suppliers. We are involved with organizing and supporting meetings, seminars, conferences and trade shows. We share and discuss news, information, resources, best practices and tips about how to make live events & meetings more successful for our organizations, attendees and the communities we serve. Join us today!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answers to your questions regarding hiring speakers and working with a speakers bureau.